How do I eat vegetables if I hate them?

Recently, I had a friend ask me that question.

And here was my answer!

First check your blood type chart to see what vegetables are on your avoid list and definitely don’t add those to your plan. Then pay particular attention to the vegetables on your beneficial list. More than likely they will become your favorites. The neutrals are also fine to eat.

If you often say, “I hate vegetables”, stop saying that now!


25 Apr 2015

What you need to know about xylitol

Xylitol can kill your dog

Xylitol products

Xylitol is an alcohol sugar and many health enthusiasts are promoting and using it because it doesn’t spike blood sugar and comes from a natural source. OK, that’s good but what they haven’t looked at is how it is processed and the exact food that it is typically derived from.

I believe that they are jumping on the xylitol bandwagon because of its ease of use, low GI index and source. What they are not recognising is that it is still a highly processed sweetener. It also usually comes from a GMO source. (more…)

25 Apr 2015

What blood type do you have and what does it have to do with food?

Dr Oz promotes the Blood Type Diet

Dr Oz promotes the Blood Type Diet Click the link to read the article

What is your blood type?

Last summer, after I had recovered from fibromyalgia, I woke up one morning and was barely able to walk. The pain in my hip joint was nearly unbearable. I was shaken by the development and I immediately sat down at my computer and started searching for an answer.

I don’t remember how long it took but eventually I ran across the blood type diet (I had owned the book several years earlier). It recommends foods to eat or avoid based on your blood type. (more…)

22 Apr 2015

Nine unhealthy foods that you are probably eating!

Starbucks vs soda

How much sugar does your favorite beverage have?

Here is a list of nine (there are more) unhealthy foods

Sugary drinks

I am not sure why anyone still drinks soda pop (“sugary drinks” include more than just pop) . It is a loser when it comes to supplying any kind of nutrition. The sugar it contains is damaging to your entire body (it creates an acidic state) and I just recently discovered that cancer cells live off sugar and love acid conditions so you might consider this stuff, Food for Cancer! It supplies absolutely nothing to the health of your body and is best left (more…)

19 Apr 2015

I have a new class scheduled so don’t miss out

The Seven Cornerstones of Vibrant Health

   with Beth Borchers

Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 6:30-8:30pm

at The Institute of Holistic Learning

7061 Corporate Way, Suite 109, Centerville, Ohio

Class fee $20  Please RSVP as space is limited

If you want to live vibrantly then this class is for you.
Even if you simply want (more…)

12 Apr 2015

What do you really know about GMOs? You will be shocked!

GMO corn - even the squirrels won't eat it!

GMO corn – even the squirrels won’t eat it!

I inadvertently came across information on GMOs and what I have learned is SHOCKING.

I have continued to do research on GMOs and I am appalled at what I have learned.

Did you know?

  • GMOs kill our healthy gut bacteria
  • GMOs destroy every kind of bug, bacteria and weed. Even the good ones, including bees!
  • Big business and Monsanto use something called “substantial equivalence” to support their claims that GMOs are safe (read the definition below)
  • Monsanto has a clause in their contract that forbids any independent testing
  • Organic foods cannot be genetically modified 
  • Our demand for cheap food is making us sick
  • Our children are predicted to have shorter life spans than us for the first time in history
  • 50 countries require labeling of GMOs and many others have outlawed them.


12 Apr 2015

Junk food! Is that a real thing?

Junk food that is not food at all

Junk food that is not food at all

You see I believe there is food and there is junk. It can’t be both.

The problem is we have come to believe that anything that is digestible qualifies as food and I am here to set you straight. Food is something that nourishes your body and mind or brain.

Junk doesn’t do that it only satisfies your mouth and fills your stomach, it does NOT nourish. (more…)

09 Apr 2015

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