I need your help, please!

I need your help, please!

I need your help, please!

I need your help!

Can you answer a few questions for me? I need to know what you are interested in learning. My readers, you, are what is important here so I need to hear from you.

In the comment section, let me know what topics you want to read about or you can simply answer these questions;

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Let’s get the conversation going friends and I need your help to do it!

30 Aug 2015

These lies are told by vets everyday (yes, even yours)

dog vitamins

Come on! Seriously!

I just saw a TV ad for supplements (vitamins) for dogs and I had to write this post. Dogs should not be on vitamins! They should get everything they need from the food they eat. This is just another ploy by the dog food companies to  get your money. They make you question your love for your dog.

This is not a lie the vet tells you, unless he does but the rest of this post is specifically about veterinarians and how they influence you to spend your money unnecessarily.

First a little background!

In the US and Canada whether you can be a vet or own a practice is not decided by how well you did in school or how much money you have. It is solely decided by the veterinarian associations. They are not accountable to anyone and are free to do what they want and as usual there is a monetary factor. Their purpose is to secure as much income as possible for their (more…)

23 Aug 2015

Do you have digestion issues?

Do you suffer from frequent indigestion?

Do you suffer from frequent indigestion?

Even if you don’t have noticeable digestion issues, you will benefit from reading the following information.

If you struggle with heartburn, indigestion, burping and bloat these suggestions will probably help you out. There are solutions to these problems that do not involve taking a medication for the discomfort. I was on omeprazole (the generic version of Prilosec) for 15 years. Guess what? I no longer need to take it as I have restored my digestive health with the following actions. (more…)

19 Aug 2015

Its all in the approach or learning the basics

Learning the basics of interaction

Learning the basics 

So I’ve been MIA for a time.

I’ve been learning some things about myself and it has been a bit painful for me. I have a new friend that was so brave. In my past experience, most people would not have said a word because of the risk, but she did. I listened to what she was telling me about what I was saying to her and how it made her feel. I never want (more…)

15 Aug 2015

Are rawhide chews dangerous?

Dogs should not be given rawhide chews

Dogs should not be given rawhide chews

Are rawhide chews dangerous?

The easy answer is yes and here is why!

The process of creating rawhide chews for your pet is a relatively complicated process and as usual, producers found a way to make a profit from what used to be thrown away as an unusable by-product of the leather industry.

Scary?….you betcha!

The top grain of the hide is tanned and leather products are created from it. The hair and fat is removed chemically with a highly toxic sodium sulfide liming, think lye. It is after this process that the inner portion of the hide is removed to make rawhide chews for dogs. It is then washed and whitened with bleach or a bleach and hydrogen peroxide solution.While not legal in the US, arsenic and formaldehyde are often a part of this chemical process.

I used to buy American made rawhide because there is less chemical exposure. Less is the keyword and I am no longer willing to expose my animals to unnecessary chemicals.

If you choose the flavored variety, not only do they stain the surface under the chew (like furniture or carpeting) but they are created with the cheapest ingredients. We all know that chemicals are pretty dang cheap, cheaper than real beef broth, so chemicals are whats used to flavor these treats.

Rawhides are not classified as food and therefore are not regulated in the same way.

Vet bills are expensive. They even have pet insurance now!

I want my dogs to live a long, super healthy life so I refrain from giving them anything that increases their chemical exposure. I even wash their feet when I know we have walked on a sidewalk next to a yard that has recently been treated by a lawn company. I can smell the chemical spray for a few days and often you will see the tiny chemical balls on the sidewalk. This may be more extreme than you are willing to go but I want to keep my beloved dogs with me and vibrant for as long as possible, no cancer, no tumors no mystery diseases.

Dogs are carnivores

Dogs are carnivores and should be fed like one

What should you do instead?

I feed raw meaty bones. My dogs take about an hour to eat their meals and get plenty of chewing action. Angel is often panting when she gets out of her cage because she has had to “work” so hard for her meal. I believe in this way of feeding and whether you do or not I recommend reading this article and doing a little more research about the benefits of this method of feeding. I am not referring to BARF or other commercial raw diet products but fresh from the butcher or hunting trip, hunks of meat still on the carcass (your local farmer is another option as you can give your dog a whole rabbit or chicken, raw of course). Your dogs will love you even more than they already do!!

In exploring the internet for answers to some of my questions I ran across this site. Please visit it for answers to your questions and concerns about feeding raw. http://www.truecarnivores.com/learning-centre/starting-dog-raw/

27 Jul 2015

Brown rice or white rice? The answer may surprise you. Also arsenic in rice!

White rice is better than brown for several reasons

White rice is better than brown for several reasons

Brown rice or white rice? Basmati or long grain?

I used to be a brown rice fanatic but since I have been writing my blog posts I have learned a thing or two about rice and believe it or not, I now promote white rice, basmati to be specific.

Here is why!

White rice is considered to be a benign food, in other words while it contains little nutrition, rice itself does no harm.

Did you know there is arsenic in rice!

In new developments, there is also the consideration of arsenic, yep arsenic. Because of heavy pesticide use, pollution and the contamination of much of the world’s groundwater, inorganic arsenic (the dangerous kind) is found in most rice. This is mainly (more…)

19 Jul 2015

Why I love cast iron!

The advantages of cast iron

The advantages of cast iron

So I have used pretty much every kind of pan, including non-stick (Teflon), ceramic and enamel coated, stainless steel, glass, corningware and steel.

Not only is cast iron naturally non-stick if seasoned properly it is extremely durable. Many cast iron pans have been passed down from grandparents and great grandparents.

I remember how stressed I would become when someone in my family used a utensil other than the recommended one of silicone, plastic or wood on my teflon coated pans. It should not (more…)

16 Jul 2015

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