Are we really that different?


Why wouldn’t I want to live here? 

I am moving to North Carolina in four days.

People keep asking me if I know anyone down there and the response is “No.” Usually their eyebrows shoot up in disbelief.

“Why are you going then?” they inquire.

“Because I have to” I respond.

This is pretty typical of late so let me explain. (more…)

25 May 2015

The toxic chemicals in your everyday world (chemical free living)….. Part two

Clean LivingThis is my final “chemical free living” post for May.

Upcoming in June, my focus will be on healing chronic illness through diet and healthy living.

Here are a few more tips for chemical free living….

Because this is sooooo easy to do and important, I am mentioning it first!


24 May 2015

Cleaning your oven easily with not one harsh ingredient

Oven cleaning the natural way

Baking soda is all you need to safely clean your oven

Have a clean oven naturally with this common household item.

I no longer have a self cleaning oven, but even when I did, I would put it off. The smell….it just didn’t seem healthy to me. Granted only high heat is used but I always wondered if it was safe to have that burned grease released into the air? For all to breathe? For hours on end? I don’t think so!

Self cleaning or me cleaning, I used to dread that job the most.

It was not just the harsh chemicals and fumes but also the fact that scrubbing was still highly likely and being bent and twisted into unnatural positions was guaranteed. While I cannot tell you that your positions will be any different, I can tell you that using this common household ingredient will make that nasty job safe and really pretty easy. (more…)

20 May 2015

Natural hair care, from brushing to cleaning to coloring

Have gorgeous hair with holistic, all natural hair care

Have gorgeous hair with holistic hair care from Morrocco Method

Almost everybody has hair but everyone has a scalp. How are you caring for yours?

Have you fallen for the commercial hype about soft, silky, touchable hair?

Most of them, if not all contain plastics to coat the hair to make it seem soft and silky. However, it is only an illusion.

Do you color your hair? Still using those toxic coloring options?


17 May 2015

For better sleep, go natural!

sleep better on latex

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, do it the healthy way!

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping

or you should spend that much time. Mattresses are a leading cause of toxic exposure. Surprised? If you want to get better sleep then choose natural latex the next time you purchase a mattress.

If you are concerned about toxicity and do not want to suffer from one of the myriad of modern illnesses you need to get a natural mattress sooner rather than later. If you are already sick, it is even more critical. (more…)

17 May 2015

This is a rewrite of my post “Are you still using toxic cookware?”

Safe cookwareToxic Cookware

Originally I stated that ceramic and enamel coated pans were a safe option to Teflon pans. I am retracting that because once the coating is scratched you are still exposed to the heavy metals in the pan themselves. I now consider them to be toxic cookware. It seems everyone these days is aware of the dangers of teflon but if you are not, I have written this article on the subject.

So, this is a very interesting topic to me because I do a lot of (more…)

14 May 2015

The dangers of PFCs and PFOAs. Its everywhere!

The dangers of PFOs and PFOAs

The dangers of PFOs and PFOAs. They are in almost everything!

So what are the dangers of PFCs and PFOAs?

Are you aware of the pervasive existence of these dangerous chemicals?

They are in so many things and cause numerous health concerns.

We usually think of cookware that is labeled non-stick or Teflon, but there are many ways we are exposed to this dangerous chemical.

As far as Teflon or non-stick pans go, you need to know this…..

We used to believe that as long as the pan wasn’t scratched it was safe but…heat makes the “Teflon” coating unstable. Heat!!?? But it’s a pan!! And honestly, how many of you throw away a pan because of a little scratch? I know (more…)

14 May 2015

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