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27 Oct 2014

You can say anything as long as you say it with a smile

Say it with a smile

Say it with a smile

You can say pretty much anything as long as you say it with a smile

I believe that! Years ago, I had a friend that worked with me tending bar. He was able to say or do just about anything to our customers and he made BIG tips. The only thing I could figure is that he always had a huge smile across his face and his tone was gentle, almost lilting. Could it be that simple?

One day a customer asked for a straw in her drink, Stephen flashed his smile and pulled the straw out of the drink of her companion and (more…)

24 Nov 2014

The amazing machine that is our body

We have a complex body

Da Vinci’s man

Have you ever thought about the amazing machine that is your body?

I mean really thought about it. I have been learning a lot lately about the complexities of the working mechanisms of the human body. This is something most of us take for granted, most of the time.

I woke up in the middle of the night with intense stomach pain. I couldn’t sleep so I wondered. I wondered what made my stomach hurt so bad. Was it the apple I ate right before I went to bed and I didn’t chew very well? Was it more complicated than timing and function? Was it the couple of bites of a grass fed ground beef dish I had made and left out just a bit too long? Or was it simply a stomach bug?

The truth is I didn’t know. At first I thought it was the apple, when it didn’t resolve within an hour I thought maybe it was a touch of food poisoning. When I suddenly needed to vomit I thought maybe it was a bug as nothing but foam and bile came up. But again, I don’t really know.

Here is what I do know.

Our bodies are a complex mechanism. Each part works in conjunction with the whole. If you break a part, you break the whole. Most of us treat our bodies like a dumpster. Tossing in anything that is convenient and most likely bad for it.

Once your body gets out of whack you may not experience illness right away but trust me if you keep exposing it to damaging things it will eventually break down. Do you smoke, drink, eat fast food, live on processed food? Do you overdo as far as junk food and/or sugary foods? Do you have cravings? Do you crash in the afternoons? Do you need caffeine to either wake up in the morning or keep going in the afternoon? Are you chronically constipated or have diarrhea? Do you over-consume omega-6 fatty acids? Do you over-exercise? Are you experiencing the beginning of concerning symptoms? Or maybe you already have a condition, auto-immune disease, cancer or are obese.

If you don’t clean up your diet, get at least eight hours of restful sleep and get rid of your bad habits… are going to become ill. Your body cannot continue to function at optimal levels unless you take care of it.

Think of your body as a car…..

If you don’t change the oil, what happens? If you use crappy gasoline, don’t your fuel lines get gunked up? If you don’t keep the levels of power steering fluid, brake fluid and water and antifreeze at proper levels, you’ve got big problems. Why would you think that your body is any different?

Your health record started the minute you were conceived

Your health record started the minute you were conceived

How fast you break down depends on several variables;

  • How healthy were your parents when you were conceived and grown in utero?
  • How were you fed as a child?
  • Did your parents smoke around you?
  • Did you have a routine where you got plenty of sleep?
  • What were your stress levels?
  • Once responsible for your own care, what kind of job have you done?

I cannot emphasize enough, if you are not taking good care of your body….its never to late to start. You’re gonna have to work harder to accomplish your goals, but the reward of vibrant health is well worth it.

The intricacies and amazing connections between gut and brain, hormones and health and toxin exposure are truly critical to good excellent health and vibrancy.

Have you accepted anything as “normal” to aging? Have you ever said, “I’m just getting old?” Do you take any drugs, any drugs at all? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to start your journey to health!

Read this article for some helpful tips about a health routine.

19 Nov 2014

Healthy recipes for Thanksgiving

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and my mind started going. This idea came to me. I need to do a post highlighting all the recipes I have created that are a good fit for Thanksgiving. Great, I thought and I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Now that it is morning……here is that post.

The recipes are as follows:

A perfect choice if you are serving soup is Butternut Bisque.

Butternut biscuits are a delicious alternative to a grain roll or bread. This is actually a guest post I did on The Healthy Foodie that was for biscuits and gravy. The biscuits turned out so great I recommend them on their own.

While vegetable casseroles, carrots and green beans are popular for Thanksgiving why not give roasted brussel sprouts a try.

If you are not paleo you will probably stick to mashed potatoes but here is an option for those of us that are paleo, mashed cauliflower

Sweet potatoes are always present at a Thanksgiving table. Here is a lovely, healthy version. It is still quite delicious and if you are used to sweeter potatoes feel free to add some maple syrup.

Mayonnaise is always a staple with turkey

Make your own to avoid the health destroying ingredients.

Salads are often served at the Thanksgiving table so here are some delicious options.

California Greens

Caesar Salad

13 Nov 2014

If you want to make a dietary change… this is the one to make!

vegetable oil

Get rid of all the vegetable oil products in your home

You’ve been lied to again. Canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil….not good for you!

In fact, no seed or vegetable oil is good for you. They are loaded with omega 6 fatty acids and should be avoided at all costs.

We need some omega-6 fatty acids but about 4% of our total calories and in balance with omega-3s. The balance has been thrown way off with the introduction of vegetable oils and we now consume a ratio of about 16:1 and that is a formula for disaster. Omega-6 fatty acids are known to directly cause inflammatory activity in your body. It is picked up very easily by the body and then packed into the cell membranes. This results in a stiff, inflexible cell that cannot do its job.

These oils were pretty much a non-existent item in our diets until the early 1900’s. For many, many years most people got their fats from animal sources like tallow, lard and butter. In fact, canola oil has only been available since the 1970’s. New chemical processes allowed the oils to be extracted. A dangerous chemical, (more…)

12 Nov 2014

Liar, liar pants on fire! 10 lies we are told everyday

All things natural

All things natural

I am a little hot under the collar right now. Why? Because I am tired of finding out that we have been lied to once again.

Big business constantly lies to you, the consumer. Why do they lie? Money! Profit! That’s a good reason to lie, don’t cha think? (do you hear my sarcasm?)

What do they lie about?

Here is a list. (more…)

06 Nov 2014

Two new natural healing products for sale!

Toothpaste substitute that is good for you

Happy Mouth Dental Paste one of two natural healing products

Happy Mouth Dental Paste is the only mouth/teeth care product I use now!

Commercial toothpastes are quite detrimental to the health of your mouth and everyone knows mouth health is critical to overall health. Even the “healthy” toothpastes available at health food stores are bad for your teeth due to the addition of glycerin. Glycerin coats your teeth to make them feel slick and it also seals bacteria in, that’s right, it seals it in.

Buy it now! 2.65 oz for $7.50



31 Oct 2014

Butternut biscuits and mushroom gravy

Butternut squash biscuits with mushroom gravy

Butternut biscuits and mushroom gravy

I am pleased to announce that I have created one amazing dish based on another amazing, albeit unhealthy favorite. My version is equally delicious and filling. The difference is my version is healthy and you don’t have to feel one bit of guilt when eating it. Good news, especially around the holidays.

You can find the recipe on The Healthy Foodie where Sonia was kind enough to let me do a guest post. I have been following Sonia and recreating her recipes since I became paleo a little over four months ago. I started following several paleo recipe sites but The Healthy Foodie has proven to be my favorite (more…)

30 Oct 2014

Do you think you know what free range means?

Free roaming chickens

Free roaming chickens are happy chickens

Do you think you know what free range and cage free means? Think again!

Big business’s only goal is to make a profit and they will sell you a bill of goods to do it. They need to make you feel good about the food choices you make. Whoever does a better job, earns your purchase.

So let’s get back on topic. What do you think the label “free range” means.

Are you imagining chickens running free around a large farm where they scavenge for insects, seeds and grass?

As usual, in the interest of profit, big agri-business have effaced the original meaning of that label and


29 Oct 2014

The struggles I face! Yes I struggle too!

textingYes, I struggle too!

I have talk to myself ALL the time about the challenges I encounter. I have to. I am faced with issues that I am still working on, and when I get those handled, then new issues will present themselves. Life is a journey you know.

Being human, we can only work on so many issues at once. That is not to say you can’t multi-task on these things but you can only handle a handful at a time.

I know what I am supposed to do and how I am supposed to respond to these challenges but doing it, at times it has been (more…)

27 Oct 2014

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