This Domain name is for sale

After two years of trying to make this blog successful, I have decided to take a different path. Therefore I am selling my domain. If you or anyone you know is interested please contact me at for details.

The .com version of this name is selling for over 4k so my price is a real steal. I’m not greedy at all just want to move forward with my life.

Thank you for your loyalty and I wish you the best as well.

14 Apr 2016

Misleading commercials

Did I hear that right?

I have been thinking for a long time about writing about the disturbing trends of misleading commercials. Today though, I saw one that made me furious and decided I could stay quiet no longer.

Misleading commercials

Misleading commercials are the norm

It is a commercial by Merck promoting a vaccine for HPV. They use fear and guilt to sell the vaccine. If you haven’t seen the commercial I’ll relate it now. I’ve seen two versions of the same commercial. They are both actor portrayal (it says so in the ad) but they show a close-up of a boy in one and a girl in the other. The child says, to paraphrase, hey mom and dad, I know you couldn’t have known that not getting me the HPV vaccine would result in (more…)

06 Jul 2016

Moving on….

moving on

Moving on…

I have made the difficult decision to discontinue this blog. I am on to much better things and feel I am following my true calling. I will be getting my certification as a Trust Technique Practitioner.

I will be working with and healing animals that have suffered abuse and/or trauma that affects their ability to successfully integrate into their surroundings. I have seen the founder, James French, use this technique with lions, bears, dogs, cats and horses.

I am so excited for my new journey!

Thank you for your loyalty to Hooked On Health but it is time to share other things.

23 May 2016

Adam Ruins Everything

Adam Ruins Everything

This guy is amazing!

Adam Ruins Everything is this great show I just found. Adam does a ton of research and dispels common “truths” or beliefs. Just do a Youtube search and you will learn about everything from “Why Pure Bred Dogs Are Bad” to “Herpes-Almost Everyone has it and It’s OK!”

You know how much I love getting to the TRUTH and Adam does too. He does it with humor and facts, many of them will surprise you and are all along the lines of what I try to tell you.

One of my favorites…

is about why orange juice is just another processed food. Click here for the shocking truth.

You can find his shows on TRUTV or on Youtube

25 Apr 2016

Anger. How much do you really know about it?


You can overcome your anger

Do you think anger is an emotion?

Anger may be a feeling but it is not really an emotion. It is a reaction or response to a stimuli and is typically brought on by an emotion. Those emotions are hurt and fear.

Now before you get angry….just think about it. Try to remember a recent situation where you felt angry. What was really going on? What were you feeling? I believe if you are truly honest with yourself you will find that you were either feeling hurt or some underlying fear.

It is truly important to get in touch with the personal scripts that play over and over in your subconscious. These scripts are typically provided by negative things that important people, like your caretakers, said to you as a child. In order to overcome your anger you have to (more…)

25 Feb 2016

What we can (should) learn from dogs

Pay attention! You CAN learn from dogs.

Pay attention! You CAN learn something from dogs.

What I think we should learn from dogs…

We must always continue to grow and learn. We are never “done”. I have have always loved dogs but only recently have I truly come to understand them and honestly, there is so much we can learn from them.

Life’s a journey not a destination…

I study many things and one of them is dogs. I am fascinated with the way they live in this world.

I am convinced there are many lessons we can learn from dogs.

Here they are…

Be authentic

Strive to always be exactly what you are. Dogs have no trouble with this at all. They are what they are and you can take them or leave them. We, as humans are typically trying to mold some kind of opinion in others by creating a specific image (think about fake fingernails and hair transplants for just two more extreme examples). Plus (more…)

08 Feb 2016

Topping off your gas tank and other time saving tactics (not really!)

pet peeves

Are you still topping off your tank?

Here are my pet peeves of the road

Topping off your gas tank

I was at the gas station the other day and what I saw shocked me. First I heard it…that familiar sound of someone squeezing the pump to get as much gas in their tank as possible. Who still does that? And actually I also witnessed this act the time before when I was getting gas. Not sure if it’s relative but both times it was a woman. This action can cost you money and while it may save you a few minutes of your time over a year, I have to ask, is it really worth it? Do you know that it can damage your car? Read more here. (more…)

05 Jan 2016

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