How to know if you are you a right fighter!

right fighter

Are you a right fighter?

I was at the gym today watching TV while I completed todays HIIT and up came a mention about always needing to be right. That got me to thinking about writing a post because truthfully, there is NOTHING to be gained by always being right.

Here are several ways to recognize if you have this problem.

  • You always have to have the last word
  • You get defensive when someone disagrees with you
  • You cannot accept someone with a differing opinion about anything
  • You continue to talk long after the other person has stopped
  • You often argue without listening to the other person
  • You feel flushed and upset when you are questioned or confronted
  • You talk louder and louder when the other person just doesn’t get it
  • You have the same argument, with the same person, over and over

So how do you fix it?

Ask yourself this question. What do you get when you are right? In other words, is there a benefit to being right? In my opinion and most experts, when you are a right-fighter all you ever get is disdain, disrespect and you cause other people distress. That really does not sound like anyway to live. Being right is absolutely overrated.

I’d rather be happy, than right!

If you are trying to break this bad habit here are some suggestions….

  • Take deep breaths until the feeling of desperation passes
  • Give the other person a hug and do not continue the discussion
  • Ask them questions about how they feel and why they have the opinion they do
  • Tell a joke, laughter makes anger impossible
  • Recognize that anger, blame and intimidation are ineffective when trying to convince someone you are right
  • Learn how to say, “I don’t know” and leave it at that

You need to realize that you just might be wrong and that your insistence that you are right will simply alienate those around you. When you dismiss the feeling of safety that being right gives you, you will have a greater understanding of yourself. Your self esteem just may improve when you accept that you may be wrong and you work through those negative feelings. When you recognize the needs and wants of others, it increases the closeness between you.

The need to be right is a very stressful position to be in. Imagine how relaxed and peaceful you can feel when you give up the need to be right.

22 Oct 2014

Satisfy your cravings with these amazing vegetable pancakes?

Hearty, healthy vegetable pancake

Hearty, healthy vegetable pancake

Vegetable pancakes are by far my favorite breakfast dish. I’ve been making them for years but first it was a regular (with wheat flour) recipe. My kids would sit on the counter beside the stove, waiting for them to be ready. They ate them right out of the skillet, which made me feel really good for two reasons. The first, they were getting at least one serving of highly nutritious vegetables and two, because I created the recipe.

I knew that when I switched to paleo that this recipe absolutely had to be converted. I did it and I actually think it is better than the original. I have yet to run it by my kids but……..since this is what I do and did for 35 years, I think I offer a trustworthy opinion.

They are slightly sweet from the flours and hold there shape beautifully thanks to the tapioca starch (flour) and the egg. The larger the shreds, the better. I didn’t used to (more…)

16 Oct 2014

Are your beliefs about exercise and weight loss outdated?

This is probably the most important information you will read all year!

HIITDo you have outdated beliefs about exercise and fitness?

Do you still think you have to workout for extended periods of time? Are you still focused on burning calories? Do you believe that being physically fit has to be hard, long and tedious? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, you are suffering from outdated beliefs about exercise.

There is new scientific research that proves that old ideas about exercise are wrong and ineffective.

The research proves that (more…)

15 Oct 2014

Make this Worcestershire sauce, its paleo approved

Making Worcestershire sauce

Making Worcestershire sauce

I haven’t used much Worcestershire sauce over the last 30 years but now that I can’t season with soy sauce (because of the soy and the wheat that it contains) I have decided that I should reconsider using Worcestershire sauce. The stuff from the grocery is not even close to paleo approved so I decided to create my own. Its not exact, since the original is fermented over a period of time, but I think it is close enough to call it a great substitute for the famous stuff. (more…)

07 Oct 2014

You have other routines but do you have a health routine?

Is a health routine important to you?

Is a health routine important to you?

A routine designed for optimal health is as important as your exercise or beauty routine. Maybe even more!

You’re committed to other routines that you believe benefit you but do you have a health routine? A health routine could very well be the most important one in your life. It may save you money, time and grief down the road. When most people are experiences the ravaging effects of modern life you can be a shining example of the payoff for having made a commitment to a health routine. (more…)

06 Oct 2014

What is the one thing you can stop doing to have a safer, cleaner kitchen?

Don't rinse raw poultry!

Don’t rinse raw poultry!

I have always been a bit confused by the instruction to “rinse” poultry. It really seemed counter-productive to me and it turns out, I was right. I know that the reasoning behind it is a claim about removing the bacteria. Ok, but I know that only heat kills bacteria and it cannot be rinsed away. In fact, the action of rinsing actually spreads the bacteria as far as the chicken water droplets can fly.

When you rinse poultry, it spreads the bacteria as far as the chicken water droplets fly.


01 Oct 2014

Find out parking lot law vs etiquette? Plus my parking lot pet peeves!

Parking lot

Parking lot laws vs etiquette

Do you know the difference between parking lot law vs etiquette?

I almost got hit while crossing from the parking area to the sidewalk in front of a store yesterday. I am not a wreckless pedestrian. I check before I cross and by the way, I was in the “safe” zone, indicated by stripes on the pavement. I never assume that I can cross, although I, as a pedestrian do have the right of way in those areas.

The guilty party was a woman driving a van, she was on her cell phone and she was speeding. (more…)

30 Sep 2014

Caesar dressing for, well, pretty much anything!

Caesar salad my way

Caesar salad my way, romaine, spinach, parmesan, caramelized onions, Faux’caccia crumbs, Caesar dressing and bits of Alaskan salmon

I love Caesar salad so I decided to create this Caesar dressing. It is really delicious and because you are making it from scratch, you can adjust the ingredients to your preferences.

I buy a bunch of organic romaine at least once a week and then I go to town. You can vary the ingredients to the salad depending on your mood or depending on what you have available. I have eaten it with salmon, panéed turkey cutlets, grilled chicken, steak, different kinds of nuts, with parmesan, without parmesan and with or without thinly sliced red onion or my favorite, caramelized onion. I don’t eat bread anymore so I used this Faux’caccia to create delicious, although not super crunchy, paleo croutons. Don’t thank me, Sonia, from The Healthy Foodie came up with this one. (more…)

27 Sep 2014

Trigger point therapy is effective in treating many types of pain, including fibro pain

trigger point therapy

Imagine being freed from your pain!

I am so excited about this trigger point therapy that I had to share. As you may know, I am recovering from fibro.

I discovered this technique when the manager of my gym contacted me about purchasing time with a trainer. I confessed that I would not be buying and he said to go ahead and fill out the questionnaire. I did and indicated some areas of concern. He assured me that he could help and help he did.

I had never heard of this technique and in fact I had never come across it in all of my internet research. When I did a direct search for more info it actually came up as a major contributing factor to fibromyalgia pain. Wow! If I hadn’t
taken a risk and met with that trainer I still wouldn’t know about this effective treatment.

In concise terms, it is the science of finding and massaging these specific points to relieve pain in specified areas. Each trigger point (not the same thing as fibromyalgia tender points, although your tender points may indeed be activated trigger points), correlates to a specific area on the body. The pain may not be located at the trigger point as there is something known as referral pain. (more…)

23 Sep 2014

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, just a little bit more!


Reduce-Reuse-Recycle just a little bit more!

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle just a little bit more!

Maybe you already do some of these things; maybe you do all of them. The purpose of the post is to get you to think about doing just a little bit more.

How? What? Let’s see if I can answer those questions.

Are you still using plastic shopping bags that you get at the stores? If so, think about doing these things; if you don’t need a bag, don’t take one. Many cashiers are oblivious to the cause. Buy reusable bags. The coated, woven ones are better than the plastic ones but they (more…)

22 Sep 2014

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