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Stacy has been personal training and leading fitness classes all over the country for 15 years. She has owned her own fitness studio and has authored several fitness DVD’s. She is passionate about
showing others how to fit physical activity into every lifestyle, helping others look and feel their best because healthy living is a vital part of their life.

Jamie has been in the health and fitness industry for 11 years. She has been involved with personal training and group exercise at numerous facilities. As a Nurse Practitioner, she has worked in medical weight loss and chronic disease. She is passionate about helping others achieve and maintain optimal wellness improving their health.

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11 Sep 2014

And then there was turkey soup!

Turkey soup

Turkey soup

I love soup! My B blood type diet does not recommend eating chicken. You have probably read about both of these statements before. Anyway, since I love soup so much and I used to make many versions with chicken, I had to come up with a substitute. TURKEY!

This is the first turkey soup I have ever made but it is a winner! And it meets the requirements of paleo. You don’t have to use any special kind of turkey.   (more…)

20 Sep 2014

Try this paleo style spaghetti!

Paleo style spaghetti

Try this paleo style spaghetti

I know this is not typically what you think of when referring to spaghetti but it is equally delicious and flavorful while still staying within the realm of paleo. While you don’t really see it in the picture, it does have red sauce. It is up to you  how much you want to add.

Well I guess I am finally making the creative cooking transition into the paleo world. It has taken me a couple of months of being paleo to get used to it enough to actually create my own recipes. Its not that I have not posted recipes that meet paleo requirements but I had already come up with those. They just happened to qualify.

Actually this is the third paleo recipe I have created for this site. The first and (more…)

17 Sep 2014

What do bread, deli meats and Cracker Jacks all have in common?

Cracker JacksWhat do bread, deli meats and Cracker Jacks all have in common?

They are all processed foods. They each have different dangerous ingredients but they are in fact, all processed and processed foods are not a good option if you are serious about improving your overall health. Processed foods are particularly dangerous if you are suffering from any of the numerous modern diseases.

Deciding to remove all processed foods from your diet is an enormous step to commit to but everyone will see benefits from this particular change.

What are the benefits of removing processed foods from your life?


16 Sep 2014

The Happiness of Pursuit – a playbook for making your life count?

The Happiness of Pursuit

The Happiness of Pursuit, a book worth reading

A remarkable book that will both guide and inspire, The Happiness of Pursuit reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest.

When he set out to visit all of the planet’s countries by age thirty-five, compulsive goal seeker Chris Guillebeau never imagined that his journey’s biggest revelation would be how many people like himself exist – each pursuing a challenging quest.  And, interestingly, these quests aren’t just travel-oriented.  On the contrary, they’re as diverse as humanity itself.  Some involve exploration; others the pursuit of athletic or artistic excellence; still others a battle against injustice or poverty or threats to the environment.

Everywhere that Chris visited he found ordinary people working toward extraordinary goals, making daily down payments on their dream.  These “questers” included a suburban mom pursuing a wildly ambitious (more…)

10 Sep 2014

No one is perfect!

no one is perfect

Underneath it all, no one is perfect

Right? No one is perfect!

Not too many people are guilty of thinking they are perfect. If you know someone that appears to believe that, more than likely they really feel quite the opposite. They just have never managed to deal with their deep feelings of inferiority.

I have a history of being off center and typically, when I correct, I over correct. I refer to this as “riding the pendulum”. I really believed, for many years, that I was worthless, pretty unworthy of even being loved and I was suicidal until I was in my late 20s. I had an extremely dysfunctional childhood and I had much to fix. Until the last several to few years I suffered from the following: (more…)

09 Sep 2014

Vinegar vs chemicals -14 uses for vinegar you never thought of

vinegar is a great disinfectant

Where should you start?

Its almost time for that annual fall clean. I do a deep clean twice a year. Once in the spring when I need a mental boost and in the fall before I cozy in for the winter. I am no longer buying chemical cleaners of any sort. (I do still use fragrance and dye free dish soap and laundry detergent.) But everything else is totally natural and most are organic, meaning they are derived from living things. Vinegar is one of my favorites. Make sure to use white distilled vinegar. If you buy the store brand, gallon size, you can save a lot of money. (more…)

08 Sep 2014

Six unexpected ways to love your dog

Dog on leashYou know you love your dog but how do they feel? The truth is, as much as you try to humanize them (attribute human feelings like guilt or jealousy), refuse to discipline and allow undesired behaviors, you are confusing your animal. If you are guilty of spoiling your dog from human terms, you are confusing your dog. If they are displaying certain dominant behaviors and you do nothing, you are confusing your dog. Really the best way to love your dog or to show your dog love that they understand is to treat them like the animal they are.

Dogs are all about instinct and they perceive (more…)

05 Sep 2014

Are you responsible for creating superbugs?

Do you use antibacterial products?

They are everywhere. I even saw antimicrobial dog dishes! Personally, I avoid them like the plague. They contain a chemical called triclosan that is marketed under different trade names. It is a chemical though and we need to stand up to companies that put stuff in our consumables with out asking us. The best way to get the point across, is to not buy their products. Maybe you are unaware, so let me enlighten you. The list is massive. It is in everything from combs to drink coolers. The following are just a few of the products that this chemical, superbug creator is in. (more…)

01 Sep 2014

If you guessed it’s mashed potatoes, you’d be wrong

mashed cauliflower

Looks like mashed potatoes but it is mashed cauliflower

It looks like mashed potatoes, it has the texture of mashed potatoes, you cook it like mashed potatoes but you say its not mashed potatoes?

That’s because its mashed cauliflower! I was skeptical too but I did a bunch of research (like always) and decided on the best choice of cooking method and added ingredients. Of course I chose paleo ingredients and those that maximize the richness factor of this humble vegetable. I have to say I was impressed. The flavor and texture was perfect. (more…)

31 Aug 2014

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