What we can (should) learn from dogs

Pay attention! You CAN learn from dogs.

Pay attention! You CAN learn something from dogs.

What I think we should learn from dogs…

We must always continue to grow and learn. We are never “done”. I have have always loved dogs but only recently have I truly come to understand them and honestly, there is so much we can learn from them.

Life’s a journey not a destination…

I study many things and one of them is dogs. I am fascinated with the way they live in this world.

I am convinced there are many lessons we can learn from dogs.

Here they are…

Be authentic

Strive to always be exactly what you are. Dogs have no trouble with this at all. They are what they are and you can take them or leave them. We, as humans are typically trying to mold some kind of opinion in others by creating a specific image (think about fake fingernails and hair transplants for just two more extreme examples). Plus (more…)

08 Feb 2016

Topping off your gas tank and other time saving tactics (not really!)

pet peeves

Are you still topping off your tank?

Here are my pet peeves of the road

Topping off your gas tank

I was at the gas station the other day and what I saw shocked me. First I heard it…that familiar sound of someone squeezing the pump to get as much gas in their tank as possible. Who still does that? And actually I also witnessed this act the time before when I was getting gas. Not sure if it’s relative but both times it was a woman. This action can cost you money and while it may save you a few minutes of your time over a year, I have to ask, is it really worth it? Do you know that it can damage your car? Read more here. (more…)

05 Jan 2016

The lessons I learned – 2015 in review

Lessons I learned in 2015

Lessons I learned in 2015

Wow, it’s been a super amazing year full of lessons.

Sometimes the lessons were quite difficult to swallow (or admit to). Sometimes they were downright joyous but all in all I accomplished a ton.

I do not like struggling. I don’t think anyone does!

I had struggled long enough so I made the decision to square up my desires for my life to my actions. It started
early in the year when I decided to really put myself out there.

#1 Lesson learnedlife lessons

Don’t stop before you have reached your goal

Since I wanted to be a successful blogger and life coach I did some research. I came up with a couple of tactics. One was to attend a school that pretty much guaranteed your success if you followed their guidelines. The second was to start contacting other people that were already successful in my chosen field. I applied for a scholarship to the school, but I didn’t get it. I told myself, “I surely couldn’t afford to pay for it myself as I was barely making ends meet”, so I abandoned the idea.

In the meantime I focused on my contact list. I chose several people to contact. Only one responded and it wasn’t what I had hoped for or asked for. I changed tactics. I know, I know, I should have continued to write to them but I didn’t.

 #2 Lesson learnedlife lessons3

Don’t ignore the warning signs no matter how much you want something


23 Dec 2015

How you can afford to eat healthy!

you can't afford not to eat healthy

Buy grass fed beef in bulk

Here are a few ways that I afford foods to improve my diet and health…

Its really not hard to afford to improve your diet as many people state, just follow some or all of these guidelines.

  1. First of all, I consume no packaged or processed foods, not even the “healthy” ones. I eat 70-80% vegetables, very little fruit and the rest pasture raised proteins like meat, eggs and assorted wild caught seafood. Only on rare occasions do I have “treats” like paleo cookies, fritterspudding and chocolate.
  2. No cable TV.I only pay for internet and bought a used ROKU player from Amazon along with an antennae to get local stations.
  3. I found the cheapest cell phone possible. It actually was through my local grocery store that has a “points for purchases program.” The points accumulate in my cell phone account and some months allow me totally free cell service. There are also services that provide cell phones to low income people. Just do a Google search for your area. My phone is not a name brand but it has and does everything that the others do.
  4. I did not shop except for absolutely necessary things. I only own a couple pairs of shoes and I am wearing clothes that are several years old. When I need something specific I first check thrift stores and charity stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. I don’t usually find what I need but sometimes I do and the savings are tremendous.
  5. I keep minimum car insurance and make sure I drive very carefully and do not speed or rush lights.
  6. I live in an amazing apartment that just happens to be exceptionally cheap and I do without many amenities. I do not have a garage, dishwasher, microwave or extra room. My complex is quite safe and I feel very secure. I am not suggesting at all that you move to a depressed area where you or your belongings would be in jeopardy. You just have to look around and develop a feel for people. I have a wonderful landlord that is willing to maintain the apartments and the grounds.

    you can't afford not to eat healthy

    Pick up odd jobs to earn extra income

  7. Look for extra income. I have started cleaning apartments in between tenants for my current landlord. Just yesterday she asked me to be the onsite manager for a reduction in my rent. It is a win-win in my book and I am happy to do it.
  8. I shop several stores for my food. I get my meat when it is on sale at one store that is known for quality products. I only buy grass fed beef. I have been buying turkeys that were free roaming and not treated with any antibiotics (hormones are illegal in poultry so watch out for producers that state “no added hormones” as they are misleading you on purpose) at a discount. The birds were frozen after customers failed to pick up their orders. The meat manager just thaws them enough that he can cut them up for me and then he packages them in parts so that I can refreeze and use as I need it. I am getting a good deal and he is getting rid of stock that he cannot sell at original prices, again a win-win. We have a new store called Fresh Thyme that has great produce deals every week. I shop those deals.
  9. I buy my eggs at a local veterinarian’s office. They are farm eggs for $3 a dz. It is near my house and saves me gas by not having to run to the local farmer’s market several miles away, plus the eggs are a little cheaper. No need to buy organic eggs and pay a premium as what is really important is what the chickens eat.
    Use a Tower Garden to afford fresh veges

    Don’t have a yard? Use this Tower Garden instead.

    Most important is that they have access to their natural diet of forage and insects and if they are fed a supplemental diet that the grains are non-GMO, just ask the farmer.

  10. You can also buy in quantity, whether it is half a cow or stocking up when items are on sale. Of course you will probably need a chest freezer for this but if you check Craigslist, you may find a great deal on that as well.
  11. Growing your own vegetables, fruit etc is another excellent way to save money. If you don’t have yard space for a garden this growing tower is an excellent option.


04 Dec 2015

Do you take personal responsibility?

personal responsibilityPersonal responsibility is hard to find these days!

I have found it rare to run into anyone who takes personal responsibility. I do find these people within my tiny house group but out in the world, rarely! Personal responsibility is important not only for your own health but the health of others (especially if you are a parent) and for the earth. People are too consumed with things being easy and convenient to take the time to care about such things.

Due to my shame based upbringing, for too long I cared way too much about what others thought and how I appeared to the world. I have since (more…)

05 Nov 2015

How you can reduce plastic use

Great Pacific garbage patch off California coast

Great Pacific garbage patch off California coast

How you can reduce plastic use

Until you really think about it, you really don’t realize how much plastic has inserted itself into your daily life. It comes in the form of straws, tag connectors from textile purchases, water and soda bottles, disposable lighters, thermal receipts, all types of storage containers, packaged foods, vegetables and meats that are packaged for resale (Trader Joe’s does this for their vegetables and Fresh Thyme packages over 85% of their meat this way as do most groceries), plastic bags (this includes trash, storage and shopping yes, even the coated reusable shopping ones), any plastic packaging for liquids, disposables and so many many more.

reduce plastic use

Garbage mountain – This really exists!!

I recently noticed that a vinegar brand I use used to use has switched to plastic bottles. I will search for a brand that still uses glass. Don’t forget about the plastic packaging that “stuff” comes in like paper towels and paper napkins. Just about everything you buy these days comes wrapped in some kind of plastic.

I have heard some people say, “It’s ok because I recycle.” That isn’t good enough when it comes to plastics. It still uses a tremendous amount of natural resources (energy and water) to complete the few cycles that plastics can go through. They can never be used for food or beverage containers again. Glass, aluminum, tin can all be recycled indefinitely but not plastic.

Plastic is made from petroleum. If you really want to reduce our dependency on oil you can start by significantly reducing your plastic use.

Every step you take is a step in the right direction.

What you can do

  • Buy from butcher shops or stores that use butcher paper to wrap their meats or buy from butcher counters at the large grocery stores. Refuse straws and plastic silverware (you can bring your own silverware and rewash).
  • Limit the number of trash bags you use and reuse all plastic storage bags, including bread bags if you still eat bread.
  • Do not buy dog poo disposing bags but reuse other plastic bags from your newspaper, produce or those that are no longer useful to store food.
  • Limit or stop using plastic wrap, use these instead. I use them and they are great. They are washable and can be used over and over.
  • Buy reusable, glass containers with lids. You can buy a small set or a large set here. Granted the lids are plastic but you are still greatly reducing your plastic usage and exposure. You can also purchase old fashioned bowl covers like these.
  • Do not use water purchased in individual bottles, large or small. Amazon has stainless steel or glass options to carry your water from home with you.
  • Use canvas shopping bags, not plastic coated, which still tear and end up being thrown out. Canvas will outlast you if they are well made.
  • Make purchasing decisions also based on how much packaging it doesn’t have.
  • Use cloth napkins, handkerchiefs and rags in place of paper items that come wrapped in plastic.

Other articles you can read concerning animals dying from eating plastic bags… Water animals, sea turtles and more info on toxic contamination, other wildlife.

Here is an article written in 2011 on the dangers of plastic trash.

23 Oct 2015

Five servings of fruits and vegetables in a capsule!!

Juice Plus provides many health benefits

Juice Plus provides many health benefits

Hard to believe isn’t it? It is true though and has numerous clinical tests proving the value of…..

Juice plus.

Because of my already healthy diet, I didn’t expect to notice any real difference when I started taking it. To my surprise, after a month, I realized the (more…)

05 Oct 2015

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