What is the 80-20 plan?

80-20 plan

There is more to life than eating

I overcame chronic illness this past year by eating a healthy, nutrient dense diet, supplementation at times, a few cleanses and a deep need to be well. I have been paleo since July 7 when I jumped in with both feet. I got rid of anything that did not pass the paleo test and I’ve successfully beat fibromyalgia, constipation (which had plagued me for decades), healed my leaky gut and got off omeprazole (I had taken it for ten years).

After 6 months of paleo, I found myself restless and dissatisfied. I didn’t want junk food, I wanted different food. I missed potatoes and black beans. I missed Mexican food. (more…)

24 Jan 2015

The seven cornerstones for vibrant health

Healthy living

Life at its best, fresh air, sunshine and exercise

It is a new year and while this post is a bit late in coming it is never too late to start living healthier.

Here are just a few ways that you can live healthier in 2015

1.Practice mindfulness

Wow, this is an important one. I’ve actually broken this down into (more…)

17 Jan 2015

What is the best water to drink?

bottled water

The downside of bottled water

Are you drinking tap water? Are you buying bottled water?

There are problems with both!

Tap water is still contaminated with an assortment of things. Heavy metals, prescription drugs, microbes and other microscopic particles that can affect your health in a negative way, especially if your immune system is already compromised. The degree varies depending on where you live and who supplies that water.

Bottled water brings a different set of concerns. When buying bottled water there are several uncontrollable factors. (more…)

13 Jan 2015

Which light bulb is your best option?

Comparing light bulbs

Comparing light bulbs

Well its 2015 and incandescent light bulbs are no longer being manufactured. This is for good reason as the energy that these bulbs used was 90% waste. In this day of energy efficiency, we just can’t have that. Its not illegal to continue to use incandescent bulbs just ill advised. When the only choice was CFL, I opted to keep with incandescent because of the mercury contamination issue related to CFLs. Well, we have a new choice these days in LED bulbs.

You need to know the facts about available lighting so (more…)

08 Jan 2015

Why you should make clutter clean-up a priority in 2015

From clutter to clean

From clutter to clean

Clutter causes stress.

Clutter is not often acknowledged as a cause of stress but it is real. Whether it is your office space, closet or an area in your kitchen, it creates tension. Here’s why;

  • It bombards you with visual stimuli
  • It is distracting from what is really important
  • Clutter bombards your brain with the message that your work is never done
  • It creates feeling of guilt and self-criticism, especially when someone drops by unexpectedly
  • It makes it difficult to easily find what you need to complete tasks
  • It is hard to relax when so many “jobs” are staring back at you
  • Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity by invading the spaces that allow most people to think, brainstorm, and problem solve.


01 Jan 2015

Try this home remedy to put your healing on the fast-track!

Home remedies for cold and flu

Natural remedies for cold and flu

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got sick last Monday for the first time in years. My first day was the worst with chills, aches, scratchy throat and runny nose. I took really good care of myself with bone broth soup, fresh fruit, fruit smoothies and lots of pure water. I also got plenty of rest, used essential oils as an inhaled steam and in my humidifier and took a couple of detox baths. Each consecutive day was better than the last.

I am extremely (more…)

28 Dec 2014

Wishing you a very happy holiday!

My happy children on Thanksgiving 2014

My happy children on Thanksgiving 2014

I nursed my son’s illness on Saturday as he was leaving the next day for Florida to spend the holidays with his birth family. I treated him with bone broth, a soup made with bone broth, fresh fruit smoothie and plenty of water. By the next morning he was feeling better!

Two days later (more…)

25 Dec 2014

Is sea salt really better than table salt?

Sea salt

Sea salt is better for you

Is sea salt really better than table salt?

Once big business gets a hold of a food item we can pretty much assume that it is not the best choice for us. This applies to salt as well as a myriad of other items such as eggs, meat and chicken, olive oil, produce and milk.

The standard table salt you purchase in the grocery is an inferior cousin to sea salt. Table salt is 97% Sodium Chloride and is chemically produced. It has been (more…)

13 Dec 2014

I got amazing news at the dentist yesterday!

Toothpaste substitute that is good for you

Happy Mouth Dental Paste

I had my six month dentist appointment yesterday. I was super excited for my appointment because I wanted to see if my hygienist noticed any difference in my teeth, as I have been using my own dental paste for a few months.

Well I got the news I was hoping for. My cleaning took less than ten minutes when it usually takes 25-35. My front lower teeth are usually so sensitive that I grab onto the arms of the chair and grimace in pain, not yesterday. They were still sensitive but barely. I also had pockets around my teeth that had gradually become five and sixes. Yesterday she reported they had improved significantly and were now twos and threes. (more…)

09 Dec 2014

The connection between attitude and healthy hormones

gratitude benefits

You must want all of this…

Everyone knows that exercise promotes serotonin production but did you know that even thinking good stuff helps balance and promote your hormone production.

Turns out gratitude is very important to this process (more…)

05 Dec 2014

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