Are you still using toxic cookware?

Get rid of all Teflon coated cookware!

Get rid of all Teflon coated cookware!

Are you still using toxic cookware? If you are using any type of cookware that is labeled non-stick or Teflon, the answer is yes.

The only safe “no stick” cookware is cast iron, ceramic or enamel.

You can find it anywhere now right alongside the toxic kind. Yes, even with what manufacturers know, they are still selling it. (more…)

03 Mar 2015

Get half of your daily vegetables from this one dish!

Getting enough vegetables in your daily routine can be hard, but not if you make this recipe. One batch contains one half of your total daily vegetable requirements.  Nearly every morning I eat most of it for breakfast and then finish it a bit later in the morning.

That way, I rarely worry about getting enough vegetables throughout the rest of the day. I always have some cooked veges with each meal, usually cabbage, broccoli, carrots and/or greens, I just don’t have to think about it because I’ve had vegetables in the form of latkes for breakfast.

Call them either vegetable latkes or vegetable pancakes but make them

Call them either vegetable latkes or vegetable pancakes but make them for one half of your total daily vegetable intake


03 Mar 2015

There is hope for fibromyalgia sufferers!

Fibro symptoms

Or any chronic illness for that matter. They are all reversible.

I was speaking to someone at an event yesterday and I mentioned that I had reversed my fibro. She stated she had a friend with fibro. I recommended she view this site. Then I realized that I had not written any fibro specific posts.

How could that happen?

I think it is because I had a blog specifically for the reversal of fibro, Fibro and Food. However, I will not be keeping it so it will disappear sometime in April. (more…)

01 Mar 2015

Deodorant or magnesium, you choose!

Deodorant or magnesium

Deodorant or magnesium

Body odor is a problem among most human beings.

80% of Americans are extremely deficient in magnesium.

As it turns out most of us are deficient in magnesium. I discovered that magnesium eliminates body odor quite by accident. During the time I was trying to rid my body of fibro (more…)

21 Feb 2015

Nutritionally dense food can save your life

Fake food

Eating anything other than nutrient dense food, you may as well be eating plastic food.

I have been selling Ghana handmade baskets at a local grocery store for black history month and it has given me the opportunity to see what people buy (and eat). I have spent hours in these stores and I have been shocked by what I’ve observed. Most people buy no produce, zero!

They buy a lot of pop, ice cream, OJ, frozen meals, breaded chicken, white bread, cookies and cupcakes, assorted snacks, candy and a number of other “fake” food. Even the meats they buy are laden with hormones, antibiotics and chemically treated feed.

Rarely do I see any produce at all. (more…)

16 Feb 2015

Are you in the proper pooping position?

Proper poop position

Proper pooping position 

If you are squeamish about natural body functions I suggest you do not read this post but I do have some advise for you….



I just found this amazing invention that allows your body to be in the perfect position for the perfect poop. Also known as the proper pooping position or the P x 3.

I am doing (more…)

11 Feb 2015

Don’t think about it, just do it!

Don't think about it, just do it!

Don’t think about it, just do it!

Don’t think about it, just do it!

Go ahead, think about the statement. I have found it amazingly useful within many contexts of daily living.

Originally, I heard it from the movie Divergent. When the lead character was facing a frightening jump into a dark hole, her leader said “Don’t think about it, just do it!” Well I guess it stuck (more…)

05 Feb 2015

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